Irrigation Services

Your home is probably the biggest investment you will ever make and a beautiful landscape is a big part of that investment. We can help you protect that investment with a professionally-installed, efficient irrigation system.

Magnolia Landscapes designs and installs irrigation systems specifically tailored to your new or existing landscape ... delivering the right amount of water, at the right time, and in the right places. We also service all brands of existing irrigation systems

An automated system set up correctly will reduce the amount of water used through the proper placement of sprinkler heads, the use of rain sensors and carefully-programmed automatic timers to water plants and lawns without taking up any of your time.

Our services include:

Irrigation System Design and Installation

Our company owner will visit your home or office and design the best system for your application. He will look over your property, listen to you, ask questions and provide you with a free estimate taking all of your needs and concerns into consideration. Once the design is finalized, we will install your system using quality products from Rainbird or Weathermatic, including new WiFi timers! We make every effort to minimize the impact on your existing lawn and landscaping.

Spring Tune-Ups

It is important to have your system serviced and inspected in the spring to ensure efficient operation. Our spring start-up service includes turning on the water and backflow system, setting or reviewing the controller program and inspecting each sprinkler head for proper coverage and functionality. We will also provide you an estimate for any needed repairs.

Summer Check-ups

A check-up in the heat of the season is a good preventive maintenance step to ensure your system is functioning properly and water is not being wasted. We go through each zone and inspect each sprinkler, making repairs or adjustments and modifying programming as needed.

System Renovations and Improvements

An analysis of your system can identify changes and improvements to increase its efficiency. Many homeowners and commercial property owners benefit substantially from this service, whether adding a rain sensor, replacing leaky heads or valves, or adding a new zone. We're very aware of the costs of water today and strive to design (or improve) systems that minimize the waste of this precious resource.