Lawn Maintenance

Every yard is unique and different, Magnolia Landscapes has a different maintenance plan for every yard. From weeding in the spring, to mowing in the summer, to leaf cleanup in the fall, Magnolia Landscapes provides the professional services you need to maintain your landscape and keep your home or office looking amazing year 'round, increasing curb appeal and impressing your friends, family, neighbors and/or customers.

With one of our affordable lawn maintenance plans a Magnolia lawn care professional will regularly cut your grass to the correct height for the season, weed and edge your beds, prune your shrubs and hedges, blow the paved areas to clear clippings and remove debris from your lawn. In addition to our annual contracts we offer one-time or emergency services as our schedule allows.

To ensure a clean sharp cut and reduce damage and stress to your turf, we use top quality professional-grade equipment and keep our mowers maintained with blades properly sharpened, balanced and in good working order. Dull or nicked blades smash the edge of grass blades, leaving a torn end rather than a clean cut. This torn end will usually turn brown a few days after mowing and become more susceptible to pests and diseases.

Magnolia Landscapes provides all labor and equipment necessary to perform the following services:

  • Mowing – Your lawn will be cut to the correct height during each visit with professional grade mowers with sharp blades. Leaves will be removed from turf areas as seasonally required.
  • Edging – Lawns will be edged along curbs, walkways, driveways and other borders for a crisp, sharp edge.
  • Weeding – Hand weeding and chemical herbicide will be employed to maintain your beds on an ongoing basis as needed.
  • Pruning – All ornamental plant material will be shaped as needed to promote healthy, uniform plantings. Clippings will be removed and beds left neat and orderly.
  • Blowing – Driveways, patios, decks and sidewalks will be kept free of sand, debris and leaves.
  • Debris Control- Areas will be inspected at each visit to remove paper, bottles, trash and normal amounts of sticks and limbs that fall between visits. Unusual amounts of debris resulting from severe weather may require additional charges for labor and hauling.

Optional services we provide

  • Mulching – Mulching will be maintained for a neat appearance. Foreign material (sticks, paper, etc.) will be removed. Your choice of mulch (pine straw, pine bark, etc.) should be added twice per year or as needed to hold moisture, control weeds and prevent extremes in temperature change. Along with the material cost, additional labor will be charged, the amount depending on job size.
  • Fertilizer – Lawn and shrub fertilizer is recommended twice annually, spring and fall. February and September, each customer will be contacted to confirm the approval for this additional expense. The price quoted will cover the cost of both materials and installation labor.
  • Irrigation - We install state-of-the-art irrigation systems and maintain and repair systems installed by others.
  • Sod - We will install sod in areas that have become unhealthy, are worn or are in need of new grass.
  • Plant Installation - We will source and install new plant materials upon request.
  • Weed and Pest Control - We employ the services of certified technicians to keep your lawn weed and pest free.