Master Planning

Landscaping is more than a few strategically planted trees and a colorful flower bed or two. There’s a lot more to it than you may realize – hardscapes, waterscapes, patios, decks, walkways, pools, ponds, plant life, irrigation systems and lighting are just some of the details that go into creating an outdoor space that becomes as much a part of your lifestyle as any room in your home.

Your outdoor space is really just an extension of your living space and the same way you wouldn’t build a home without a set of house plans, you wouldn’t want to build a landscape without the same care in planning. Imagine building a home without a blueprint choosing the perfect spot for the sink and once it's installed realizing you don't have room for an oven. In landscaping, a Master Plan is a blueprint of a property’s possibilities – and a property owner’s wish list for aesthetics, beauty and functionality.

Landscape design is an art, as such it uses the principles of simplicity, good scale, balance, sequence and focalization. These principles are the guidelines in designing each outdoor feature, whether it's patio, stone walkway, a flower garden, or a shrub border.

A master plan is a comprehensive plan of action intended to guide growth and development. You can create a master plan for professional success, for personal growth, for a community, and you can create a master plan for your home and landscape design .. and we can help.

Our approach to a master plan is to be fully aware of how your property is situated, how you access it, how you enjoy it, and how you plan to enhance it in the future.

Traffic patterns. Pathways. Water features. Stone vs. brick. Shade vs. sun. Ground covers vs. shrubbery. Screening vs. fencing. Flower beds vs. vegetable beds. There are dozens of real-world scenarios that must be considered. We work closely with you to understand your needs – and we plan accordingly with your wish list (and budget) in mind.

Landscaping that continues to provide curb appeal, and more importantly increases the value of your property year after year is the ultimate goal of a master plan. They summarize and purposefully outline what needs to be done, how much it will cost and when it should happen. Landscape Master Plans are essentially the road map to a successful landscape.

A truly unique and beautiful landscape requires an investment, and that includes time and money. Time to allow it to grow and thrive, and money to make it happen.

If you don’t have the budget to build everything at once, your master plan will help you break the project down so it can be implemented over time in a way that makes the most financial sense for you.

And as your landscape is phased in, your master plan will ensure that it happens in the proper order. Plants with a longer time to maturity can be planted first, for example, so that by the time you’re ready for the second or third or some subsequent phase of your project, everything will flow and cohere nicely.

Your master plan will help you prioritize elements, so that if your top priority is ensuring that the kids have a pool to play in, you can invest in that first, while the grown-up fireplace gets deferred to later.